Silke & Wolfram
November 28, 2020
Eileen & John
February 21, 2021

The Greek west coast and Ionian Islands have been our favorite holiday destination for a number of years. It resulted in a growing interest to buy a house. On the website of Ionion Real Estate we found a completely renovated house, so we contacted Dimitris Donis. With genuine pride, he showed us the property and some other of his houses and constructions in progress. It was clear that the renovations were done with great craftsmanship. Manicon finds the perfect balance between traditional and modern elements with a beautiful appearance, high comfort and an excellent finish. During the purchase process we could count on the very professional approach of Dimitris and his assistant Katerina. They helped us smoothly and expertly through all the administration, needed for the bank, notary, government agencies, insurance, etc. Even after the purchase, they both remain a permanent point of contact and are always happy to help with practical matters wherever they can They always do things with a smile and a tremendous kindness. It feels wonderful to have been able to accomplish our dream with them. Thank you Dimitris and Katerina