Mr et Mme Charlet
October 12, 2020
Christiane & Hans-Peter
October 12, 2020

United Kingdom
We met in Parga in 1970, and have visited many times since then. Although we have always loved Parga, and enjoyed the time we've spent here, we had never seriously considered buying a property here. But on a visit in May 2017 we were looking in the window of Dimitri's office at photos of properties in and around Parga - just out of interest, not with any intention of buying. Dimitri came out and pointed out a photo of a little old village house, which appeared to be in need of a total refurbishment. He said that it wouldn't be difficult, and the property was very reasonably priced. We agreed to go and look at the house - and it was not a pretty sight! But there was something about it which we found very appealing, and after much discussion and consultation, and with no pressure from Dimitri, we agreed to buy it, and Dimitri agreed to make the necessary restoration. His assistant Katerina was very helpful in so many wqys, including setting up and accompanying us to appointments with lawyer, bank and notary, and arranging for someone to translate legal documents when necessary. One of the things that had put us off buying property in Greece in the past had been the difficulty in finding anyone with experience with all the official forms and paperwork innvolved, but Katerina made it seem easy. We returned to Parga for a week in October to discuss our thoughts and ideas about the house with Dimitri. This did not take long because Dimitri quickly recognised what we wanted, and we agreed with his vision of how the house would be.This was the only discussion we needed - we trusted Dimitri's knowledge and judgement implicitly. We came back to Parga on May 5, 2018, very excited - amd a little apprehensive about seeing our new house for the first time. We need not have worried! When we saw it, we found it hard to believe that this was the same house we had bought. The transformation is amazing, Dimitri is wonderful to work with - calm, reliable, enthusiastic and available. He has great ideas, and has put together a wonderful team of workers, all of whom do an excellent, professional job, and take pride in their work. Katrina is a star! We think she knows everyone in Parga, and always knows who to call on for help with anything to do with the house, Dimitri continues to be very available to assist with any of the minor problems which always turn up in any new house. He is always a pleasure to deal with. We trust him completely and would have no hesitation in recommending him for any real estate project. We could not be happier, and are so grateful to Dimitri and his team for all their hard work, which has resulted in our perfect little house. Thank you all! Judith and Richard Herzig